development education

VLM is committed to working with its volunteers and supporters in the context of development education. We believe that it makes space for critical reflection on how we can, as an organisation, strive to work for justice and positive change in the communities that we support in Ethiopia and in our own communities through sharing the experiences we have had through linking with the developing world.

What is Development Education?

Watch IDEA’s video entitled What is Dev Ed?

Through development education we learn about the unequal world that we live in. According to Irish Aid, the official aid agency of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, development education is

concerned with knowledge, ideas and an understanding of issues that relate to global poverty and underdevelopment. It is an educational process based on learner-centred and interactive methodologies. It has a strong values dimension based on a commitment to social justice and human rights and is oriented towards action to effect change for a more just and equal world.’

Development education is central to our volunteer pre-departure training. Upon return, volunteers are also given an opportunity to further explore the concept of development education and see how they could introduce it into their daily lives through their work as teachers, facilitators, etc. or in other volunteering contexts.

VLM is a member of the Irish Development Education Association (IDEA), which supports and advances development education in Ireland through providing member organisations with training, tools and resources.