“I Wanted to Volunteer in Africa Since Long Before I Retired” – Dymphna Cullen

I wanted to volunteer in Africa since long before I retired. Vincentian Lay Missionaries allowed me to succeed in this ambition without a long term commitment, as I was not in a position to go for a year or two. I travelled to Ethiopia full of curiosity about this country, which had not ever been colonised. I spent time in Addis Ababa with the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul, in a teaching role and then I travelled down to Woylita, Soddo, in the south west of the country.

I taught for six weeks in Bruh Tesfa Montessori teacher training college. Everyone was so helpful and so welcoming. The students were an absolute joy and I called on all my teaching experience from Ireland over those challenging six weeks. I am looking forward to going to Ethiopia again as I feel I have real friends there. I would urge any retired person to take this opportunity to do something wonderful, different but, at every stage, very safe.  

VLM Volunteer Dymphna Cullen with Srs Abeba and Alimetu in Woylita Soddo.