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Your support is greatly Appreciated!

Your support is greatly Appreciated!

 We would like to thank The Irish Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Club who so generously supported the All Ireland Vintage Bike Gathering this August. 

Article Published in Exhaust Notes, June 2013

In the past, one often saw in local newspapers that if any kind of a fracas occured in a public place, the article would proceed with the stock phrase, “meanwhile a large crowd had gathered”. No one likes to miss out on a bit of diversion from time to time, as long as it remains just that. Well 2013 is now your chance to join such a gathering and bring your trusty vintage/classic machine as well.  

Donegal native, Fr Michael McCullagh CM will be one of the core bikers.

Donegal native, Fr Michael McCullagh CM will be one of the core bikers.

A gathering of Veteran and Vintage Cycles.

This is the “Year of the Gathering” all over Ireland. Now you can make your own contribution through the Irish Veteran and Vintage Motor Cycle club. I hope to encourage club members to travel around the coastal towns of Ireland in August,on a charity run but more so I hope that local members in each town we visit will turn out and “gather with us to talk,entertain and have the craic” as only bikers can do.

The purpose of the gathering/cycle run.

I hope to raise funds by bucket collection for a self supporting charity called VINCENTIAN LAY MISSIONARIES (VLM) which has  been sending volunteers to Ethiopia since 1995. Two young Cork women, Mary O’Sullivan from Sundays Well and Katie McGrath from Riverstown were,  in fact, the first volunteers. They taught in a school which caters for over 800 deprived children, with various life-challenges. Since then the VLM has grown and now has sent almost 200 volunteers to work on various projects. It depends totally for its success on volunteers and generous contributions. (Further info available at

Volunteers for the “Irish” gathering.

Please mark this year of the gathering by supporting us on this run.My fellow Heinkel enthusiasts have already volunteered to assist. We begin in Dublin, at The Church and Bar Restaurant, launched by Mary Kennedy of Nationwide on Tuesday, August 13th at 11 a.m. and ending up in Gweedore on Monday, August 19th. See full itinerary.

– Fr Michael McCullagh CM.

Postscript from Gerry Feeney, member of the Association. 

I have read Michael’s article above and can tell you that this man is totally committed to this good cause. What he ommitted to tell you that he first went out as a volunteer in the 90,s and has gone back there every year since, during the month of July without fail. In fact 2012 was his 20th  year and |I’ve no doubt but 2013 will bring his 21st.   I would urge all club members to put their shoulders to the wheel on this one and give it the support it deserves. I will keep all posted via Heinkel Corner as we develop this run.