volunteering cost

Volunteers are required to pay and/or fundraise to cover the cost of their placement.

Volunteers participating in the four-week Summer School Programme (June, July, August only) have a placement fee of €1990. All other placements of 4 to 12 weeks are €3000. We also offer reductions for couples and returning volunteers.
VLM offers many fresh ideas on how to secure sponsorship, funding or grants. We also provide photos, posters, t-shirts, flyers, etc.  to volunteers who are fundraising.
Click here for ideas and information on covering the cost of your placement…


  • flights*
  • a donation to the project
  • airport meet & transfer
  • accommodation & meals*
  • travel & health insurance*
  • internal travel
  • two day pre-departure training course
    (May 12th & 13th 2018 TBC)
  • teacher resource training (late May 2016)
  • access to online library of teaching resources
  • on-going support and mentoring
  • one day debriefing upon return
    (September 29th 2018)
  • follow-up support upon return
  • membership of VLM’s volunteer alumni network
  • €500 discount on all subsequent volunteer placements (not applicable for summer school volunteers)

This cost is a once-off payment and covers all aspects of your placement for one to three months. Unfortunately VLM are no longer in a position to offer 6 month placements due to visa constraints.

*All flights, accommodation and insurance are arranged by VLM for the volunteer – all you need to do is pack! Click here for more info on pre-departure training.

Teaching in Bulbula

Joanna Lally, VLM volunteer, teaching in Bulbulla, Ethiopia.

“My name is Joanna Lally and I was volunteering in the summer school in Bulbulla. Fundraising was not as difficult as I thought, I got lots of support and help from my friends and family which made such a big difference. Every little fundraising event you do can help you along the way. However I would focus on one main event.
I did a 25 card drive and sold tickets and because I live in a small town where playing cards is a popular pastime. I asked the people involved to spread the word and get more people involved. It was a great success and helped me achieve over my target amount of €3000.
I also hosted a tea morning in the shop where I worked and I found everyone in my home town were really interested to find out what I was raising money for and where I would be volunteering.
 I know that fundraising €3000 can seem daunting but when you get started you come closer to your target with every little fundraising event you do! Don’t let it be the only thing holding you back from the amazing experience of volunteering and helping others.”